Coming up: SharePoint Evolution Conference

In a few weeks time the best and most fun conference of the year is coming up! It’s the SharePoint Evolution Conference in London. The conference is April 15 till 17 in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, right across from Westminster Abbey.
The conference organised by Combined Knowledge and is known for a great atmosphere, a very good group of speakers with great sessions, not just technical sessions, but also a lot of business oriented sessions and its great parties. The parties are said to be even bigger (is that possible), because it’s Combined Knowledge’s 10 year anniversary.

I am very happy that they allowed me to come back as a speaker again. I’ll be doing two sessions.

SharePoint Web Templates for on-premise and the Cloud
Web Templates provide a compelling deployment model for your custom SharePoint solutions both to an on-premise deployment and to Office 365. Learn about the key capabilities offered by Web templates and follow various samples which will demonstrate different deployment scenarios, along with best practices and common pitfalls of developing Web Templates.

Using Managed Metadata in custom solutions
Many of the features provided by the Managed Metadata Service Application (MMS) are extremely popular in Document and Records Management scenarios for the enterprise. Improvements to MMS in SharePoint 2013 further enable additional scenarios. As such MMS will be a common candidate for use in custom solutions.This session will dive deep into the development of custom solutions which leverage Managed Metadata features.

If you have a chance to go to this conference please do so, you won’t regret it.


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    Coming up: SharePoint Evolution Conference

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    À venir: Conférence SharePoint Evolution

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