Running the Dam-tot-Dam from Amsterdam to Zaandam

Last Sunday me and about 30 colleagues ran the dam-tot-dam run. A 16 km run from the dam in Amsterdam to the dam in Zaandam. We've been training for a couple of months, under the guidance of a professional trainer and an enthusiastic runner himself. I've always been running, but I always felt that 10 km was far enough for me. The first time we met Michel he showed a presentation about running and about the dam-tot-dam. I knew then that I would break the 10 km boundary, Brilliant how he was able to motivate the whole group just by talking about it.

After all training for a couple of months the run Sunday was really great. The weather was good, it was sunny and 24°C (which was even a bit too hot for some people). I was aiming for a time around 1 hour 36 minutes, 6 minutes per km, based on the fact that I can run 10 km in 50 minutes. The atmosphere was great right from the beginning, a lot of people cheering, bands and orchestras playing, it all really made a difference. A special thanks to Linda is in place, who had first run the 4 mile and then cheered the rest of us on at 4 different places along the track. Thanks Linda!

After 1 hour and 32 minutes I completed the 16 km, which I was really pleased with. My race was level, without any big speed differences. In the schema below the overview of my race is shown.

And now on to more 10 kilometers, hopefully sometime next year I will finish one in a time under 50 minutes!

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