InTrack presentation about SharePoint deployment

Today I gave Microsoft InTrack presentation about SharePoint deployment.

This was the agenda:

  • Content Deployment
  • Content Migration API
  • Site Definitions
  • Features
  • Feature Stapling
  • Solution Deployment
  • Forms Deployment

On forehand I thought that most people would probably already have tried to deploy either content or solutions, but that wasn't the case. It was clear that people still find it fuzzy what needs to be deployed and how this can best be achieved. I hope that I didn't only dazzle the attendants with the different types of deployment, but that the presentation also gave some clarity about the different deployment possibilities. I also hope that it will be easier for the attendants to start using solution deployment and that I was convincing enough that taking the time to set up a solution deployment will actually save you time when deploying your custom SharePoint solutions.

The slides can be found here.

Links on content deployment:
Content Migration Package Explorer
SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard
Beware of Import/Export
How to: Customize Deployment for Disconnected Scenarios
SharePoint Content Migration Object Model and Content Migration Packages

Link on Solution Deployment:
Creating a Solution

The presentation yesterday in the Microsoft Innovation Center in Barneveld was a lot of fun. There were more people that had already worked with SharePoint deployment.
I used a slightly adjusted set of slides that can be found here.


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    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for taking the time to listen to my presentation!

    I will quickly translate your question into English:
    * What would be the best way to add a webpart zone under the quickaunch in the left navigation?

    The short answer is that this can't be done. Webpartzones can only be added to pagelayouts and site definitions, and not to master pages. Therefore webpartzones can only be added to the middle part of the page.

    The best way to add functionality under the quicklaunch is to add a custom control with the functionality you want to display to the master page.
    This does mean however that you can't use standard web parts to the quicklaunch zone.

    If you build your own custom web part you can have a web part file that defines the web part and then build all functionality in a control. That way you can use the functionality in the web part and in the master page.

    I hope this helps..


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