MOSS Development: Back to the Basics

On October 6 and 7, the Software Development Network hosts the seventeenth SDN Conference in Noordwijkerhout in the Netherlands. During this two day conference several international speakers will share their knowledge about .NET, Information Worker, Usability, Architecture, DotNetNuke and many other topics.

During this conference I will present two sessions, "MOSS Development: Back to the Basics" and "Exploring the Architectural Boundaries of MOSS". Right now I'm working on the first one, and while gathering information I came across this very interesting list of Visual How Tos for SharePoint. Donald Hessing pointed this site out to me, which also has a lot of useful information and examples on how to start developing SharePoint solutions.

Combining the information on these two sites a .Net developer with no SharePoint knowledge can start building SharePoint solutions.
...And I've got more than enough inspiration to create a 75 minutes presentation!

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    Hi Mirjam.
    When I read your post, I was working on the issue how to mock sharepoint elements - isolate them.
    I also took howtos of MSDN site -
    "Batch Updating List Items in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0"
    It is easy to isolate the dependencies in SharePoint and test some specific method. I have posted the solution of the problem in my post, using mocking framework...

    Here is a link :

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    If you like the link to the WSS 3.0 How-tos, you should also like the equivalent MOSS ones;

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