Twitter web part for SharePoint

I love Twitter. I started using it a couple of weeks ago and I am starting to get hooked on it.
Of course I also love SharePoint, so what would be better then to combine the two by having a Twitter web part that displays the tweets in your public timeline in your SharePoint environment.
Aidan Garnish has build the web part and blogged about it. The blog and the download of the web part can be found here.

I installed the web part and it works like a charm.


Very cool!

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    wow thats nice
    there are various other webparts available that connect you ti various social networking sites,
    like a few days back i downloaded a likedin webpart that brought linkedin feeds to sharepoint

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    I was inspired by the SharePoint - Twitter connection, and have put together a SharePoint Twitter Search Webpart, that is available for download on my blog:

    The webpart doesn't require credentials, and has search features that let you view by keywords, from user, to user, about user, hashtag, and querystring.


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    SharePoint Twitter WebParts
    Are you looking to show the twitter updates of your organization on your sharepoint portal ? If yes, then we are providing two webparts for SharePoint 2007 & SharePoint 2010, one that can be used to show the tweets of any user on the SharePoint portal. Second webpart can be used to post tweet to twitter directly from your sharepoint portal. Just download and install, and you are all set.

    All you need is to configure the twitter settings after installation.

    These web parts use out of the box SharePoint CSS elements that match automatically with your current site theme.


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