SharePoint Evolution Conference 2010 wrap up and slide decks

I had the honour of speaking at the SharePoint Evolution Conference this year. The original plan was to fly to London on Saturday afternoon and to present on “Using SharePoint search to develop custom solutions” on Wednesday. Because of the infamous volcanic ash cloud that Iceland so kindly send in our (or basically in every) direction things worked out a little bit differently.
On the Saturday afternoon I took the train from Rotterdam Central Station to Brussels Midi and from Brussels Midi I took the Eurostar train to London St. Pancras. I must say that this wasn’t an unpleasant experience at all. It was a bit more expensive than my plane tickets were and it’s a bit of pain to carry around your bags across the train station, but other than that it was quite pleasant and smooth.

Since there’s not train from the US to London and not one from Norway to London either unfortunately several speakers and friends couldn’t make it. Luckily a lot of great speakers did make it and stepped up to fill in for those who couldn’t make it. Thanks to great work in rearranging schedules and getting as many people as possible to the conference in London from the whole Combined Knowledge crew and in particular Steve and Zoe the conference was a great success, ash cloud or no ash cloud.

Here are the slides from my presentations at the SharePoint Evolution Conference:

DEV105 - Using SharePoint search to develop custom solutions

ITPRO106 - What, Why, When and How? Sandboxed Solutions

IW109 - What’s new in SharePoint Search 2010 for end users

DD113 - Growing SharePoint from small libraries to large scale repositories and massive archives


Thanks to all the attendees that made the extra effort to get to London and made this conference an incredible and unforgettable event. I really hope to be there again next year and to see all of you there again as well of course.

Also again, thanks to Steve and Zoe and the rest of the Combined Knowledge crew. You all did a great and very impressive job at making this show a great success again. I hugely enjoyed it.