Best Practices Conference 2010 Wrap up

The SharePoint Best Practices Conference in Washington is over and I had a great time. I’m back home now, still jetlagged, I will use the weekend to try and get over that.
I was one of the keynote speakers, which was a first for me. I really liked doing the keynote with 4 of my fellow Microsoft Certified Masters, Tom Resing, Chris Beckett, Brian Culver and Spencer Harbar. I hope we will get more chances like this where we can promote the MCM Program in the SharePoint world.
I also sat on the development panel and I presented two normal sessions “Scaling SharePoint from small libraries to massive distributed archives” and “SharePoint 2010 Developer’s Mythbusters”.  I really enjoyed doing both. It wasn’t the first time I did the scaling presentation, so I’m pretty happy with the slides and flow in that one by now.The Mythbusters one was a first timer and I think it could use some work to improve the flow, but I liked the topics and there were some good discussions on some of them.

If you’d like a copy of my slides you can download them here:

Thanks everyone for the good times and I hope to see you all again next time!

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    Hi Mirjam, nice work on the Mythbusters presentation.

    I have one question, though: in the Silverlight CLR example, what was your rationale for the naming of the 'Succeeded' method?

    That method actually performs the update and it specifies the UpdateSucceeded method, so I would expect a name like 'Update', 'DoUpdate' or 'AttemptUpdate'. Would you agree or did I miss something?

    Thx, Vincent

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    Btw, same question on the Javascript example.

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    Hi Vincent,

    The names of the methods were completely irrelevant to the point those slides are supposed to make. There was no rationale behind it other than to get the point across that you have to be aware of the context and the fact that it's asynchronous.


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    Excellent content...
    I saw few mine slides there, but that's what being efficient means and the story doesn't change.

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